plServing as a national association of merit shop pipeline and station contractors, APCA was founded in 1971 as a regional alliance to promote the mutual interests and address industry concerns of its members and associates.  

The scope of services range from security issues to providing key industry information and assistance, such as:

  • Continuing education on labor and employment issues and regular updates provided by a leading law firm specializing in the pipeline industry.
  • Continuing education on important, strategic laws and regulations governing the pipeline industry.
  • Continuing education on safety, environmental, quality, drug and alcohol issues.
  • Communicating ideas through newsletters and meetings (including an annual convention); all of which serve as a forum for discussion of concerns and implementation of projects for the Association.

APCA continues its quest to support its members in their efforts to secure a fair operating environment in the pipeline industry.  The association is proud of its accomplishments and welcomes new members who share our common goals.